About DB Group

“Sustainable and Logical Agriculture”

The DB Group is a shared equity model founded in 2008. It utilises a non-discretionary trust as a legal entity with a corporate trustee. This structure allows individuals to move in and out of the business while maintain a stable operational platform. This gives the business both viability and efficiencies in the long term. The current board structure includes a non-executive director acting as chairman, Mr Barry McGee. Barry accepted this position in late 2016 and along with executive directors Matthew Dart and Richard West, administer the strategic direction of the trust on behalf of the eight owners of the business.

The inaugural structure evolved with the Dart and Burcham families formulating an agreement and structure. In early 2009 they merged all their individual operations and businesses to form the DB Group. In late 2013 the Cooper family became a part of the group and in early 2015 the business completed a formal agreement with Richard & Trudie West joining the group as equity partners.

The early part of 2017 signaled an evolution within the business with the exit of the Burcham family. David and Alison were foundation unit holders of the trust and left a large legacy. Also the exit of the Cooper family was effceted, with their expertise being missed as Daniel and Stephen both pursue their own personal ambitions. All departing parties have contributed heavily to the development of the group and its underlying business. The current business is a result of their input and effort.

In 2017 a heads of agreement was completed with Evan and Katrina Lord to enter the business in August 2017. This transaction signals the maturity of the business with the ability to transverse individuals. In 2022 the businesses ambition to continue to provide opportunities for individuals to have exposure to agricultural pursuits, Josh & Kate Pianto were offered the opportunity to enter ownership early in 2022. 

In mid 2024 the agility and strength of the business was again highlighted as the Pianto's exited ownership. Josh & Kate's enthusasim for agriculture will be missed along with the perspective they gave. The business model was strenghthened through their input.   

All businesses are located in southern NSW. DB Ag which operates all farming interests at Ariah Park, Mirrool, and Merriwagga. Griffith Feed & Grain based in the named city, conducting retail sales and warehousing services. GFG Rural Services housing the wholesales division. 

The DB group brings an extensive set of agricultural industry experience and offers investors, farming operators and business partners a sound platform for advancing there own businesses.

The goals of the DB Group are to achieve:

  • A viable and sustainable business platform through vertical and horizontal integration.
  •  An economic return through maximizing economies of scale.
  •  Provide “one step” management, where the decision making is not hindered by corporate layering.