“farming moisture”

The dry-land cropping operation program produces oilseed, cereals and legumes. All crops are sown using either minimum or direct drill technology. The aim of of operations is to maximize yield per effective millimetre of rainfall. 

The basis of operations has developed over many years and has been adapted to the ever changing climatic conditions. The cropping program is run over a number of properties located at Merriwagga, Mirrool and Ariah Park located in southern NSW. The spread of properties is to allow seasonal risk to be spread and machinery being utilized due to different timings of planting and maturity.

All machinery utilizes GPS technology with auto-steer fitted to maximize productivity and reduce wastage through overlap. New technologies are always being reviewed however an approach of profitable adoption is taken.

Agronomic advice is sought at the planning stage in conjunction with an extensive soil testing program as well as seeking advice in crop to realize targeted yields.  

The goals of the program are: • Efficiency through scale. • Retention of stubble and ground cover to maximize moisture retention and nutrition. • Management through geographical location and specialization.  • Sustainable rotations to reduce disease.   

 A number of cropping specialists are employed by the business to empower and progress each of the farming strategies and operating structures. With strategic advice sought from Greg Condon  (

On farm agronomy currently completed by Terry Edis, Elders Ariah Park and Luke Shultz, AgGrow Agronomy.