Farm Management

“logical farm management”

DB Ag offers farm management services for property owners that wish to either absentee operate property or lease property to the business on an ongoing basis. Offering extensive dry-land cropping and livestock management experience, potential clients are welcome to review existing operations and properties.

Absentee Operation

DB Ag provides services for absentee property operators, this includes but not limited to: 

• Whole farm planning.
• Farm maintenance and repair.
• Financial control and management
• Day to day property management.
• Sourcing of agronomic advice.
• Staff management.
• Input procurement.
• Contractor facilitation and oversee completion of operations.
• Sourcing of marketing advice and strategy. 

Services can be customized as required to allow the goals of the property owner to be the focus of operations.

Property Leasing

For astute property owners who wish to have properties managed in a sustainable fashion DB Ag offers a customized leasing arrangements to suit all risk profiles. Currently a number of property owners allow DB Ag to operate the properties and share risk and return through variable rate leasing arrangements. This allows investors to benefit from asset appreciation through sound management and also participate in additional income in productive years while being underpinned by a sustainable yield.