Commodity Accumulation

DB Ag Commodities currently has agreements in place whereby we accumulate cotton lint and seed in the southern region of New South Wales and northern Victoria on behalf of merchants and end users. The advantage of dealing with DB Ag Commodities over other agents is we are putting out the best bid of up to five merchants on any given day.

This business unit is based in Griffith so is well situated to access growers and we are always available to assist growers with information, advice and/or marketing strategies. While growers have a lot of tools available to them when marketing cotton lint and seed there is also a reasonable level of complexity and we can assist growers to understand the processes. We offer a more complete service than just daily pricing.

We represent a number of significant international merchants who are based out of Brazil, Singapore and China. Due to our lean operating model and our aim to only work with reputable businesses we are able to offer a timely hassle free service at no cost to the grower. 

If you are interested in our services or receiving daily pricing via sms please give Richard West a call (0409 300 655) and we will come and meet with you, on-farm if necessary.